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World Magic Ganesha Votives

World Magic Ganesha Votives

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A vibrant, pink candle with a sweet date, tangerine, and bergamot scent.

Ganesha is prominently known as the remover of obstacles. Because of this, many Hindus worship him before any major endeavor they undertake – be it business, marriage, childbirth, etc.

Ganesha (or Ganesh) is one of the most beloved and popular of all the Hindu gods. This is because he brings good fortune while destroying all obstacles.

He plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.

Worshipping Lord Ganesha regularly wards off negative energy from one's home and life, while worshipping him before starting something new keeps obstacles out of one's path. If pleased, Lord Ganesha brings success, prosperity and good luck into one's life 


 each votive burns for 10 hours and comes with a blessing sheet containing an affirmation.

Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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