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Ixchel Original Art Print on Canvas

Ixchel Original Art Print on Canvas

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13”x19” Ix-Chel Original Digital Artwork Print by Carissa printed on 100% cotton canvas, Matte finish 340gsm 

LIMITED - Signed and Numbered 1/100

Shipped with care loose and rolled in a cardboard tube - ready to frame 

Created and printed in-house at Wave N Pave! 

** Ix-Chel (pronounced ‘ee shell’) is the Maya Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth. She was worshipped among the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula.  She is the Mother of all of the Mayan deities and rules over the cycles of life and death.  As the ‘Keeper of Souls’, She is constantly evolving from a young beautiful maiden into the wisened old crone who shares the wisdom of the ages with Her people.

**The small Isla Mujeres (“Island of Women”) was devoted to the worship of Ix-Chel. Comfortable with all phases of life, She was honored as the weaver of the life cycle. She protected the fertility of women and was also the keeper of the souls of the dead.

**Her totem animal is the Rabbit -symbolizing abundance and fertility



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