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Gingah - Womans White Fitted V-neck Tee

Gingah - Womans White Fitted V-neck Tee

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Womans V-Neck Tee

With the Holidayz approaching we are all mindful of those in need, especially locally in our own backyards.  With every Gingah Tee purchased we will donate $5.00 from the shirt sale to the 2 Awesome local charities below, in addition we will be raffling 3 - $100 gift certificates towards your next TATTOO session!  Every shirt ordered will come with 10 entires and a live drawing will take place Christmas Morning at 11:00 a.m Eastern time.  Thank you for all of your support and generosity and for always being so awesome!  Also Free Shipping, Local Delivery and In-Store Pick up Available. Order before December 15th so we can be sure to get your tee’s to you and entries in :-)

***My Brothers Keeper - Delivering Furniture and Food to families in need and also adopting entire family's wishlists to make their holiday season brighter.  

This Christmas, My Brother’s Keeper will deliver personally-selected gifts to over 3,000 families – more than 12,000 children and adults! – living in 100+ communities from the North Shore down to Fall River and Cape Cod.

For the past 4 years we have personally contributed to not only buy toys off family wishlists for children but even simple articles like socks for mom and dad.

*** Womans Lunch Place - Boston Based, providing a nutritious breakfast and lunch, seasonal gear, toiletries, undergarments, feminine hygiene products, and other basic necessities.  Also support towards substance use recovery and mental health supports, and free medical services.


  • Designed by Carissa
  • Printed by Ellen 
  • Printed in-house @ WNP 
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