Hi, Nice to Meet You!

If you don’t already know us….let us introduce ourselves!

   We are family owned and operated since 2007 in our Brick and Mortar store located in Boston MA. U.S.A.  Originally a fully retail surf, and skateboard shop we incorporated tattooing in 2010.  Since opening our doors we have had so many amazing opportunities to travel the world as a family, surfing and tattooing along the way. Over the past 15 years in business, Wave N Pave has morphed into a private tattoo studio with a small storefront, and a huge solid community that expands from the 617 across the globe! We are hoping to connect and expand our artistic vision and good vibes through an online store to reach even more awesome souls like yourself!  Printing shirts with Carissa’s designs in the middle studio of the shop is our latest addition at WNP.  We can have complete control of the creative process from start to finish and personally get your items shipped directly to you from our very hands.  The other 2 studios in the shop will still be used for tattooing, and offering guest artists a studio to tattoo in when popping in for a visit.  

If you are a long time friend/customer you will recognize the faces of the shop.  But if we are new friends meeting for the first time online….lets get some names to faces.

Hi—-I’m Ellen! If you call the shop with tattoo inquiries or questions about merchandise, you will most likely be dealing directly with Ellen.  Let’s say she’s the big boss!

Shaka Bruddah—-I’m Mark! I’m just a dude that does stuff at the shop. I surf winters in Boston’s freezing cold water and try to escape to warmer destinations to surf whenever I can.  Started skateboarding almost 40 years ago, and skating less because it hurts my old bones too much to fall. I’m here for nostalgia and a good time!

Hola—-I’m Carissa! I am the tattooer at Wave N Pave, and also the artist behind the tee-shirt designs etc.  All I do is draw! I try to escape to travel as much as possible for inspiration and adventure!


Hi- I’m Cedric! Surfer, Lifeguard in Boston, and swimming club teams, school and U.S.A swimming! I drop by the shop in between my busy schedule for snacks and rides home.  

Hi—-I’m Quinton! I enjoy surfing in Puerto Rico with my dad and brother! I am a swimmer for my school, club team and USA swimming as well as on Crew. I  love traveling to eat and like to get crazy! 

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